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[Hair Care] Glam up Keratin LPP Treatment 1000ml

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Glam up Keratin LPP Treatment 1000ml


Effects of expensive protein hair-care from an exclusive hair salon in Gangnam and Chungdam!
Luxurious hair treatment at home! Do protein hair-care at home!
Take care of your hair at home with a large-quantity hair conditioner!
(Damaged hair despite of expensive treatment / Hair salon is too expensive.)

Quick and easy home hair treatment! Experience the hair services from an exclusive hair salon with keratin treatment!!

Moisturizing damaged hair + Luster and resilience + Rich moistness
Glam Up Keratina Treatment 1,000ml

Do you want to know how celebrities can maintain gorgeous hair regardless of frequent perm and coloring? Find out now!
Did you have to pay a hair salon for an expensive hair treatment?
But the effect of such expensive treatment doesn't even last long!
Your hair might look gorgeous and healthy right after an expensive treatment but eventually goes back to where it was.
But now you can get such treatment at home without visiting an expensive salon!
Upgraded version of Brilliant LPP Treatment! Try out now!


Glam Up Keratina LPP Treatment

- It contains vegetable keratin and collagen ingredients and therefore, if applied as after-treatment, supplements protein lost by chemical treatment so as to maintain the silkiness for a long time.
- It helps maintain healthy hair by moisturizing dry scalp and hair and preventing the evaporation of water as well as hair damage.

What is LPP (Low Polypeptide)??
There are 20 kinds of amino acid and these amino acids are connected to each other through a chemical bond called peptide bond.
This long, catenulate connection is called polypeptide. Protein and polypeptide are the same thing but polypeptide normally has smaller particles and protein has much larger particles.

LPP has small particles and therefore can be absorbed into hair quickly and show a fast vitalizing effect.
Glam Up Treatment is different from ordinary hair treatment. It' LPP.

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_Hair Care_ Glam up Keratin LPP Treatment 1000ml

_Hair Care_ Glam up Keratin LPP Treatment 1000ml

_Hair Care_ Glam up Keratin LPP Treatment 1000ml

_Hair Care_ Glam up Keratin LPP Treatment 1000ml

_Hair Care_ Glam up Keratin LPP Treatment 1000ml