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[Hair Care] Glam up Slik Essence 160ml

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Glam up Slik Essence 160ml


Silk Coating System for Damaged Hair
Glam Up Silk Care Essence

Hair-care item for making damaged, Dry hair from frequent hair styling by chemicals or
heat silky-smooth and healthy with the application of a silk coating system.


- Silk Protein: It includes 17 kinds of amino acid similar to 19 of those composing hair and therefore shows outstanding hair-affinity and absorbency. These 17 amino acids are the same amino acids of which hair is composed.
- Lysine (0.45%), arginine (0.90%), leucine (0.68), phenylalanine (1.15%), histidine (0.32%), methionine (0.10%), threonine (1.15%), syslin (0.03%), tyrosine (11.08%), valine (3.03%), glassine (42.8%), alanine (32.4%), aspartic acid (1.73%), serine (14.70%), isoleucine tryptophan (0.87%), glutamic acid (1.174%), poplin (0.45%)


Glam up Healing Therapy 160ml (therapy for softening damaged hair)
Amazing change at one go!
Improved lustrousness of hair

Improvement of hair >> Softness >> Nourishing effect >> Moist luster

1. Improvement of natural luster of severely damaged hair, intensive hair care
- Natural silk particles in various sizes nourish in and outside of damaged cuticles thoroughly.
2. Strong nourishing care, fully resilient hair!
- Silk therapy ingredients reinforce the natural moisturizing strength of hair to make it stay moisturized and healthy. It also contains jojoba seed oil and grape seed oil and thus can soothe and soften hair after perm or coloring.
3. Protection of hair from sunlight
- It prevents hair damage by strong sunlight in summer but only enhances the resilience and moistness of hair.

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_Hair Care_ Glam up Slik Essence 160ml

_Hair Care_ Glam up Slik Essence 160ml

_Hair Care_ Glam up Slik Essence 160ml

_Hair Care_ Glam up Slik Essence 160ml